What do you get when you mix Street Swagger with Business Savey?  You get a BOSS…and more specifically, Big Gen The Breadstacker.  Cataloging over 14 years of experience as a student of the music industry,  The  Breadstacker is no rookie in the game!  This is evident to anyone who listens to the content of his songs, the substance of his lyrics, and the consistency of his message.  With the demeanor of the legendary Scarface of the Houston, TX group Ghetto Boys; the street hustle in the likes of the Brooklyn, NY native Jay-Z; the ability to reach the masses like the late greats Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur—Big Gen The  Breadstacker stands as a legend of this time. 

"I guess that’s why the lil’ homies call him O.G.” –The Breadstacker


Since his radio debut in the fall of 2005 with the holiday street classic “This Christmas”, Big Gen The Breadstacker has taken the message of his music on the road to his fans.  Headlining both The SYF Family “Main Event” Tour and the Live Good Tour featuring Big Gen and Snipe exposed fans from cities throughout the southeast.  Fan poured in from cities in states such as: AL, GA, MS, FL, OH, KY, NC, and TN…just to name a few.  In a short period of time, The Breadstacker went from being a “local talent on the grind” to “Superstar on the rise”.

The  Breadstacker is far from the average hip hop artist.  While the image of hip hop is the be flashy, live lavishly, and be excessively wasteful—The Breadstaker pushes his fans to look good, handle your business and save money to invest in your future.  That’s the difference in Big Gen The Breadstacker, and what makes him authentic.  His music benefits his fans far more than it does himself.  By giving good game through good music, Big Gen The  Breadstacker provides good people a blueprint to change their entire financial situation.  You can be a Breadstacker too!